Order Your Personalized Name Online

Each name is authentically handmade by the artist Angelo Angelov.

Order your personalized name online! You will get a unique necklace for everyday wear and special occasions that adds a soft sparkle to any outfit. 

Personalized wire name is also a distinctive and creative gift that makes every woman happy.

20 years of experience make Angelo the real master in the field.

Since 2015 you can meet him on the Charles Bridge in Prague and get your name handmade on the spot.



We only use high-quality wire materials which are harmless to human health.

You can choose out of three wire materials for your name.

The most cost-effective but still a high-quality material is a sterling silver-plated wire in design 7g Ag / 1 kg with a copper core. It is typical for its rich color and intense shine.

You may also choose a luxurious sterling silver wire in design silver 925/1000. Silver has long been valued as a precious metal which adds to your necklace shine and elegance.

The third type of wire that we offer you is a very skin-friendly material: a hypoallergenic surgical wire from 316L stainless steel, which is suitable for allergy and sensitive skin sufferers.

For the detailed information about materials and jewelry care tips click here.

Ordering your name is easy!

Follow the order form step by step. Firstly, provide the name which you want to be handmade. If you are interested in getting more names on one necklace, type both names without space (GeorgeLucy) and to the note box type the symbol you wish to connect them (mostly used: & or ♥).

If you want to order more single names, please always fill out the form separately (make a new order).

Instead of a name, you can also provide a word or a shorter sentence (StayStrong).

Next, you choose the wire material and the cord type and color. The cord has an adjustable length and closes with a clasp. To customize and decorate your necklace even more, choose a bead or a pendant from our large selection


This is an orientation preview. Examples of the actual look can be found in the photo gallery
Type Your Name

Necklace Cord Type

Jewelry Findings

The number of jewelry findings depends on your name length. If no more findings are displayed, you used all possible positions.
*Triple Heart pendant requires three empty positions.
Price: -,-EUR

If you want to provide more details about your order (such as position of chosen jewelry findings or any special request) do not hesitate to leave a message.
Your name will be sent to you within 1 day after recieving the payment. We will keep you informed of the status of your order by email.

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